Our Work


Through our philanthropy committee, we try to participate within our school as well as in and for the community. We held a self-defense course for the school where we spread the awareness to know how to protect one-self when necessary especially when on campus. We also spent a day with Habitat for Humanity in order to help build affordable housing for families in the community who need them. We will also be participating in the annual event Relay for Life which raises money for the American Cancer Society. With our success with the shaving of heads of five brothers last year, we will be continuing it this year in order to help raise money for this organization.


Through our professional committee, we organized a successful White Rose anniversary party for our 12th year as the Senenmut chapter, where alumni, actives, and loved ones come to celebrate brotherhood together. We also continue to organize software tutorial and firm visits for the school. Underway we have professor interviews coming, which will allow incoming students/students who have not had a certain professor before to find out a little more background information about them before starting the course.



During the recruitment period of the semester we are continuously trying to find fun new ways to attract attention while also keep the classic events we do every semester which include tie dying and bowling. Planning around the students’ schedules to ensure successful attendance, we have organized events such as, takin a trip to Albright Knox, playing dodgeball, a gameshow, and going to Get Air to jump around on trampolines.


Who doesn’t love some fun brotherly bonding while being able to take your mind off of school even if it is just for a little while? Sometimes we try to get off school grounds to go and do something fun such as going to a corn maze or apple picking in the fall and movie nights in the winter so that we can stay warm inside. Also for weekly fun we have themed chapter meetings such as color wars, pajama day, tie dye, etc.